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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Data sheets designed for executives and technical managers of hotels

Data sheets designed for executives and technical managers of offices

Production of sanitary hot water

Earth cooling tubes.

Multifunction power stations

Production of solar heated water

Market & Services

Fight against energy poverty in Europe

Recommendations guide for policy makers

Public summary of local public educational institutions

Evaluation of public policies, operations and actions on energy efficiency in local  public educational institutions

The guide of Club S2E

Optimisation of the energetic performance of buildings by implementing contracts with different partners

Evaluation of Technical Management of Building in the tertiary.

REPORT (French version)

Evaluation of Technical Management of Building in the tertiary.

SYNTHESIS (French version)

Environmental and Sanitary Quality of Buildings

Drafting of the final reports of the Clim'Foot project developed within the framework of the Life + program of the European Commission

Quantitative infrared thermography for thermal conduction coefficient determination

Marketing practice guide for environmentally friendly tourist accommodation

Get started! 10 good reasons to get the European Ecolabel

Public synthesis of RenovEnergie

RenovEnergie: energy renovation of private sector housing

Analysis of the impacts and perception of 'exemplary' operations on public buildings

Technical and behavioural recommendations guide

Identify, prevent and reduce environmental health risks in buildings frequently used by children

Synthesis Energy public Habit

Simplified diagnostic guide of ventilation installations in schools

The choice of maintenance products: for a better air quality

List of recommendations for better consideration of interior air quality

Facts Sheets


Practical Guide for the implementation of regional operations for energy management in the Very Small Enterprises

Non-destructive method for insulated walls diagnosis of buildings by active infrared thermography.

Rehabilitation of the private rental sector

The Strategy and Studies No. 18 document by ADEME which showcase the results of the "private donors" study led by Ecofys and Alphéeis

SYNTHESIS (French version)

The performance of very-low energy consumption buildings

SYNTHESIS (French version)

Analyse the process by which a very low-energy-consuming building should be built.

Socio-economic barriers and success factors in the development of low energy consumption housing. A comparative study in three european countries

Eceee 2009 summer study

Behaviour and energy consumption


Smart meters, household energy saving and practices


Smart meters, household energy saving and practices

Synthesis of workshops


Understanding household decisions to become electricity producers

Smart Grid - Smart City & Eco-District

Eco-Districts and energy efficiency

State of the art, analysis and perspective

Networks and electric systems plans

Drafting recommendations to predispose buildings to smart grids