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Our services

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” - Albert Einstein

Our Services

Alphéeis brings to its customers, in all its areas of intervention, its technical expertise and methodological experience to ensure a full understanding of the needs and the achievement of set objectives.

Alphéeis uses its experience to design and implement face-to-face and e-learning training modules, as well as animate training sessions.

Alphéeis is also committed to complete confidentiality of the information exchanged during studies and the nature of its commercial relationships. Alphéeis offers a wide range of services and studies, developed at the specific request of its customers or through multi-client initiatives.

Each service is based on the methodological experience as well as the technical and marketing skills of the employees of Alphéeis. They guarantee their full determination to provide the support that your projects deserve.

Studies & Research


In order to meet environmental challenges and cope with the sustained rise in energy prices, the energy and environmental sector is engaged in a period of profound changes, needed to accelerate the efforts to fight against climate change, the preservation of natural resources and to limit their economic impacts. To meet the challenges of the 21st century, it is necessary to continue and accelerate technological developments to reduce the energy demand and to develop production methods that cause minimal impact on the environment. The answer to these challenges go through a strategy of research and innovation in multiple fields: présentant des impacts minimaux sur l’environnement.

  • Technical and technological - to have successful solutions requiring the minimum consumption of natural resources and little to no emission of greenhouse gas;
  • Sociological - to ensure the acceptability and appropriation of these solutions by citizens and users;
  • Economic - to imagine a new mode of products and services distribution around the circular economy concepts.

Our Position

Alphéeis intends to help all stakeholders facing these developments to better understand, define and implement appropriate strategies, to design and launch new offers and to provide answers to the new energy market requirements. Hence, Alphéeis conducts studies and research in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy, environmental and health quality of buildings, Smart Grid / Smart City and Eco-Districts, markets and services as well as on the impact of energy consumption behaviours.

Our Missions

The services of Alphéeis are focused on the expertise or the functional specification of products or services, market researches, technological watch activities, whether regulatory and competitive, as well as socio-economic and prospective studies. Alphéeis also offers to its customers and research partners, the development of communication strategies and dissemination, support for the study of operating plans, analysis of possible "business models" and development of "business plans".

  • Strategic, regulatory and technological watch
  • Needs analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical expertise
  • Development of analysis and decision making tools
  • Assembly and coordination of projects
  • Coordination and animation of networks
  • Organisation of seminars
  • Diffusion of information: newsletters, websites, etc.



Given the challenges that stakeholders face today and even more so tomorrow, training is a strategic factor for the success of the mutation to be undertaken by the building industry, in order to meet the requirements of sustainable development and energy efficiency in the building sector.

It is essential to design a training offer adapted to these growing needs, and meeting the ambitious targets of France via the Grenelle de l’Environnement, and of Europe as part of the Climate and Energy directives.

The training will hence accompany both the transformation of existing jobs and the creation of new jobs for:

  • design energetically and environmentally efficient buildings
  • manage construction or renovation projects by forming construction contractors and renovators
  • coordinate and manage projects to completion
  • measure, monitor and ensure the energy performance of buildings
  • educate users to adopt a virtuous behaviour using these buildings, without which the targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will not be achieved.

Our position

For many years, Alphéeis has put its expertise in the field of renewable energy and building energy efficiency at the service of institutional, professional federations, and training centres stakeholders, to design and produce training modules, conducting training sessions, and designing e-learning training modules.

Alphéeis is continually seeking to enhance its expertise in the training sector and is investing heavily in the field of distance learning that allows to propose a new methods of training, perfectly suited to business constraints and themes of services offered by Alphéeis.

Our Missions

As an training organization, Alphéeis designs, organizes and conducts training courses for stakeholders in the fields of energy and building. Alphéeis also accompanies training stakeholders in the development of innovative opportunities, working both on the content of these offers as well as the teaching methods (e-learning, educational boards, etc.).

  • Analysis of the training needs and demands (skill needed, experienced needs, demonstrated need)
  • Evaluation of training devices (balance sheets, evaluation of prior work-based training)
  • Design and implementation of training modules
  • Animation of training sessions

Alphéeis activity are registered under 93 06 06677 with the Regional Prefect of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur