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"Live simply so that others may simply live" – Gandhi


A private research firm, Alphéeis is located in Sophia Antipolis. Founded in 1984, it is a simplified limited company with a capital of € 90,000. Spin-off of Sigma Consultants, Alphéeis has taken over and extended the interssessional activities in the energy and environment field for over twenty years. Beyond its methodological experience, Alphéeis gained invaluable industry expertise, recognized by the energy and environmental stakeholders, especially concerning the five strategic areas.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success" - Henry Ford


Alphéeis conducts several studies, contextual and technological monitoring as well as assistance and support missions for industrial and institutional stakeholders (

The services of Alphéeis have been developed for all of French, European and international stakeholders in the energy and the environmental market: contractors, energy operators, energy service companies, research laboratories , government agencies, etc. Since 1984, Alphéeis is constantly seeking to broaden its expertise to help energy and environmental businesses and stakeholders develop their activities while contributing to sustainable development.

Alphéeis also design, develop and organise training modules in all its areas of expertise.

Its organisation and services are constantly improving as part of a Quality Policy established with reference to ISO 9001. Over the years, Alphéeis has gained the reputation of offering quality, efficient and professional services.

Every service offered by the firm benefits from the high methodological, skills, technical and marketing experience of its employees, who are mostly from engineering or business schools. The staff of Alphéeis is determined to provide the utmost support that your projects deserve.

A Doctor-Engineer from MINES ParisTech, the creator and CEO of Alphéeis, Pierre Nolay pledges to:

  • Monitor and improve our quality policy,
  • Turn the quality policy areas into measurable and consistent objectives,
  • Take all necessary arrangements to make sure each employee of Alphéeis is aware of the important role he plays in ensuring the success of the whole firm.

Our mission

The sustained rise in energy prices, competitive pressure on energy markets and awareness of environmental issues are evolutions challenges to which all stakeholders are confronted and which result in:

The implementation of a new legislative framework to:

  • Accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage competition between energy stakeholders and ensure the interests of users

The implementation of new technologies and tools, in order to:


  • Analyse and manage the energy demand
  • Ensure environmentally friendly economic development


Alphéeis gives all stakeholders a holistic vision of these changes, as well as the technical and methodological support to help them define the best strategies and capitalise on market opportunities.

Our commitments

We want our quality to lead us even further, beyond the quality requirements dictated by the constraints of an increasingly competitive market, which the firm strives to meet to offer even more efficient services. The aim is to help our employees to be entirely at the service of the project they are accountable for, by providing them with all necessary resources and tools for the success of their mission.

The aim of our quality control process is to reinforce the “team spirit” of our organisation and to maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust, which rules every relationship we have with our partners and suppliers, and of which Alphéeis is particularly proud of.

Finally, this quality control process is designed to ensure respect of the fundamental values that drive the whole team of Alphéeis: competence, motivation, trust, confidentiality, ethics et sense of responsibility.

In agreement with all the team members of Alphéeis, we have decided to take strong and measurable commitments:

  • Answer our clients’ demands by providing solutions and services that meet their needs, particularly in terms of quality and deadlines.
  • Improve performance by increasing the efficiency of our organisation and improving our working tools.
  • Continue our growth while cultivating our values and ensuring our progress.

In parallel, Alphéeis is committed to the protection of the environment and the fight against global warming in a sustainable development perspective.

  • Compensate our emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) by helping to finance solidarity projects (at the level of emissions generated by our business activities) that meet the objectives of climate protection and development of natural resources in developing countries.
  • Adopt a responsible purchasing policy, by choosing reusable or recyclable and, as much as possible, fair trade products.
  • Share this environmental awareness, by encouraging members of the Alphéeis team to develop daily environment-friendly habits.

To achieve this quality and environmental policy, as Director and on behalf of all employees of Alphéeis, I commit myself to:

  • Monitor and improve our quality policy,
  • Turn the quality policy areas into measurable and coherent objectives,
  • Take all necessary arrangements to make sure each employee of Alphéeis is aware of the importance of the role they must play to ensure the success of the whole team

Our ambition is to make Alphéeis a leading stakeholder in our areas of expertise, recognised for the quality of our services by putting quality policies at the service of our team, in order to enhance their skills and autonomy.

Our quality policy is based on the principles and requirements of the ISO 9001 norm, version 2000: Responsibility of the direction, Quality system, Process, and Continued improvements. Our “quality” manual is available for consultation.